What Motivates You?

Has a supervisor or coworker ever asked what motivates you to do your job well?

Obviously being able to pay your bills and live are motivators, but dig deep. What would make your heart happy?

Consider these traditional motivators:

  1. Public acknowledgment in a department meeting or on your company’s social media or intranet platforms.
  2. Private acknowledgement, one-on-one from your boss, or your boss’s boss.
  3. Monetary gifts like a day of PTO, a spot bonus, a raise, or a gift card(s).

Each of these are great, but they last for a short period of time. So what about these simple, long-term incentives:

  1. Better communication between colleagues and bosses.
  2. Having a designated mentor to help answer your questions and provide a clear path to the next step.
  3. The empowerment to JUST DO YOUR JOB and the authority to make decisions without prior approval.
  4. A flexible work environment where you’re allowed to get your job done in a timeframe that works for the you AND the company. If Jane can get her job done well in 30 hours? Go home Jane. If Bob wants to sit at his desk for 40+ hours every week, knock yourself out Bob. Every employee should be held to the same standards when it comes to work output. But not every employee gets there the same.

It’s simple. Without motivation and appreciation, companies are going to experience a higher rate of turnover. In today’s marketplace, where job openings are plenty and employees are few, that’s not a loss any company can afford to take.

Sound off….what would motivate you?

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