Break the Mold

Last week I laid out a few thoughts on what makes a great boss. This week, I want to revisit one of those thoughts:

“A great boss does not force you to fit within the mold of your job title. They help you break the mold by constantly assessing your strengths and determining how they can use them to their (and your) advantage.”

One of the biggest mistakes I believe a company can make is to hold their employees hostage with a job title.

Let’s say you’re hired as an administrative assistant. You’re well organized and a great people person. But you soon discover you also have a love and talent for project planning or numbers, and your company desires these skills as well.

A great boss will recognize this either on their own or through ongoing conversations with you (which should be happening). And while the boss may be desperate to keep you as an admin assistant because you do really well, a great boss will look big picture. They’ll understand that if they don’t feed your ambition, you’re likely to jump ship and find a company that will. If they truly value you as an employee and appreciate your talent, they will go the extra mile to help you grow within the company and not just within your role.

The bottom line for a boss: When your employees feels like they have the freedom to explore their talents and benefit the company, you’re retention rate goes way up.

The bottom line for an employee: When you love what you do you do it to the best of your ability. Find a company and a boss that lets you explore your talents.

How has your company and/or boss helped you grow and develop?

After the holidays, find out more about why promoting based on talent is better than promoting based on tenure.

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