Recipe for a Great Boss

Last week in my blog I mentioned a meeting that changed the course of my career (for the better). And I also mentioned that in that job, I had the best boss I’ve ever encountered.

Before I explain what I think makes a great boss, let me say that for most of my career I’ve had the pleasure of working for good people. They appreciated what I brought to the table and helped build my confidence.

But one man stands out and here are some of the reasons why:

A great boss will see in you the skills you don’t see for yourself. They’re able to look beyond the resume and pull out the OTHER skills you didn’t know were hiding.

A great boss will hire you because they are 100% confident you can do the job with little to no hand holding. This means they bring you in, TRUST you to do the job and don’t hover. On the flip side, they are more than willing to help if you get stuck.

A great boss does not force you to fit within the mold of your job title. They help you break the mold by constantly assessing your strengths and determining how they can use them to their (and your) advantage.

A great boss will promote you based on your talent, not your tenure. (More on these final two points next week).

Have you had a great boss? What did they do that made a difference? Share your thoughts!


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