The Meeting that Changed My Life

A few years ago I found myself in a new city working in a position I didn’t necessarily enjoy. The office had a legit mean girl who made my life miserable. I had a 30 minute commute each way (yes I realize some have much longer), and I was paying a ridiculous amount of rent for a small one-bedroom apartment.

I was toughing it out…not even looking or thinking about a new job when I received a phone call from a complete stranger who got my number from a mutual acquaintance.

Little did I know when I agreed to meet him for coffee that he would offer me an amazing opportunity and become the greatest boss I’ve ever had.

It turned out he had a long history in state and federal government and had just been hired by a newly elected U.S. Congressman to lead his district office. He was in need of staff and wanted to know if I was interested.

At the time, it was my dream to work for the federal government (not even joking!) In fact, I had applied to a number of things in Washington, D.C., but nothing had panned out.

Two weeks after that coffee, I was subleasing my apartment, moving to another city and embarking on an incredible journey. That journey would introduce me to amazing people (many are still great friends today) and would give me an opportunity to help hundreds of people during my tenure.

My job with the Congressman was the most fulfilling job I have ever had, and I’m not ashamed to say I was damn good at it. But life in politics is difficult (more on that in a future post).

It’s funny. I almost cancelled our coffee meeting that day. I’m forever blessed that I didn’t.

So, take the chance. Have the coffee. You never know what’s in store.


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