A Midlife Enlightenment

After leaving a job with great pay and excellent benefits to pursue the unknown, a few people asked me if I was having a midlife crisis.

photo of man wearing gray shirt near sea

Maybe I am….but I actually think of it more as a midlife enlightenment.

Has this ever happened to you:

You run into a former coworker or acquaintance who recently retired (we’ll assume they’re in their 60s). You ask them how they’re enjoying retirement and they reply, “I love it. I’m busier now than when I worked!” You discover they’re filling their days with traveling and grandkids, gardening and naps. They’re finally “living.”

And that’s the unfortunate thing. As a society, we spend 40 to 50 years of our lives working, many times in jobs we don’t necessarily love. We convince ourselves we can’t take a day off because we worry about who’s going to send that company-wide memo. And we’re 100% positive that if we take a Friday afternoon in July off to enjoy the gorgeous weather, our company will literally implode.

But imagine if you changed your way of thinking and put living ahead of working. If you took that day off (or half day–nothing wrong with baby steps). If you worked to live instead of lived to work. Would the world stop turning because you missed a two hour conference call for an afternoon of shopping? Would your company close its doors because you chose to take your family to Disney World for a week?

I think it’s fair to say the answer is no.

Bottom line? You are not promised a retirement. You are not promised a life of 60+ years. You are not promised perfect health. You are not promised tomorrow.

What you ARE guaranteed is the opportunity to be happy by living a life of purpose NOW.

How will you change the way you approach life? Leave a comment.





3 thoughts on “A Midlife Enlightenment

  1. Paul Kuske

    WOW! True words! If only I could get there? Like the article says, “Baby Steps”! My wife and I just talked about this on Saturday night. I will have some choices to make in the next year. Do I continue working in a pressure cooker, or do I look to feed my sole? Stay tune! I think you will be surprised in the path I take. Glad you are following your heart!


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